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WQW Series - Sewage submersible pump

WQW Series - Sewage submersible pump


Model screening: after performance optimization, double-channel impeller is adopted with two or three reasonably arranged mechanical seals, which ensures the lubrication and cooling of mechanical seals, the smooth operation without blocking and good flow capacity.



it is applicable to discharge the waste water, rainwater and sewage containing solid particles and long fibers in buildings, hospitals, residental areas, municipal engineering, road traffic and their construction, engineering sewage discharge, small-scale sewage treatment and other occasions.

Model definition:
Discharge Ⴔ (mm) : 80
Sawega submersible pump : WQ
No blockage cutting type : W
Stainless steel corrosion resistant type : F
Rated capacity(m) : 65
Rated head(m) : 15
Power(Kw) : 5.5

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