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A turbo blower produces compressed air with an impeller rotating at high speed. Traditionally, turbo blowers have been using standard motors, gears to reach the high turbo speeds - adding complexity and maintenance- intensive parts for controlling air flows with guide vanes.

Turbo Blower

A ring channel blower is used when the pressure or the vacuum is too high for centrifugal ventilators or when a compact construction type is required. Ring channel blowers will also produce less noise than centrifugal or radial ventilators with equal pressure, once the right measures are taken.

Ring Blower

Roots blowers are used to generate constant airflows that are independent of discharge pressure conditions. Root blower applications are limited to low and medium pressure and vacuum processes and can be used to provide small to large airflow rates.

Root Blower

Nominal pressure 16 bar; maximum internal allowable pressure (in bar) of a mechanical component, considering a temperature of 20 °C.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

High oxygen aerator membrane fine bubble disc diffuser features a unique split pattern and slit shapes, which can disperse air bubbles in an extremely fine and uniform pattern for high oxygen transfer efficiency.


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