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Vertical Check Valve Series

Vertical Check Valve Series


Flugo Vertical Check Iron Valve Type VCK-VLV-JIS40 Pressure 10K Duta Perkasa

A basic swing Check valve consists of a valve body, a bonnet, and a disk that is connected to a hinge. 



The disc in a swing type Check valve is unguided as it fully opens or closes. There are many disk and seat designs available, in order to meet the requirements of different applications. The valve allows full, unobstructed flow and automatically closes as pressure decreases. These valves are fully closed when flow reaches zero, in order to prevent backflow. Turbulence and pressure drop in the valve are very low.




Basic Standard

Design and Manufacture: KS B 2350
Face To Face: KS B 2350
Flange End: KS B 1511 / JIS
Test: KS B 2304

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