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FAP-A Series - Aluminum Center Body Series

FAP-A Series - Aluminum Center Body Series


JQ air operated diaphragm pump is a kind of fluid transportation equipment, which is one of the most advanced pumps in china, Using compressed air as the power source, it can pump various fluids drastically, corrosive, volatile, flammable, poisonous liquid or drastically with particles and high vesicosity.



Air Operated Diaphragm Pump (AODP) Pump is provided with the simple and highly reliable air reversing valve that makes the full series of diaphragm pumps realize the maximum reliability under various service conditions.


The reversing valve is the three-way pilot valve pilot valve that can ensure no "sticky" in a real sense. All parts can be replaced without the need of opening the liquid cavity. The aluminum parts have been subjected to anodic oxidation treatment and coated with epoxy coatings to resist corrosion caused by dirty air.


1. Central shaft is f integrative structure, ensure the concentricity and make the action more fluent.

2. Increase the filter unit, ensure the normal operation of air motor.

3. The material of air - guided the normal operation of air motor.

4. The piston and adopts no screw structure and easy to install.

5. External air motor, easy to maintain.

6. Engineering plastic is adopted, saving resources.

7. Compared with other diaphragm pumps, moving parts are less.

8. One reversing valve suitable for pumps of multiple specifications.

9. Quality assurance of air motor is 15 years and pump body is 5

* specification term can be found in the operation manual.

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