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CQB-F Series - Stainless steel magnetic centrifugal pump

CQB-F Series - Stainless steel magnetic centrifugal pump


CQB-F series magnetic pumps are suitable for petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, refining, electroplating, environmental protection.



Magnetic centrifugal pump (referred to as magnetic pump), usually composed of a motor, a magnetic coupler and Composed of corrosion resistant centrifugal pumps.Its main feature is the use of magnetic coupler to transmit power, there is no leakage at all. When the motor drives the external magnetic steel of the magnetic coupler to rotate, the magnetic force. The wire passes through the gap and the isolation sleeve, acting on the inner magnetic steel, so that the pump rotor is the same as the motor.

Step rotation, no mechanical contact to transmit torsion rejection.At the power input terminal of the pump shaft, due to the liquid. The body is enclosed in a static isolation sleeve, and there is no dynamic seal, so it is safe and leak-free.

pump. The overcurrent components can be used 304, 304L, 302, 321, and 316 respectively according to needs. 316L, UB6, CD4MCu, test alloy, law-based alloy and other corrosion

resistant materials.IMC series. The magnetic pump is a new type of magnetic pump developed by the national joint design team, completely leak-free and corrosion-resistant. Pump, its technical and economic indicators are comparable to the level of similar foreign products in the late 1980s. The type and basic parameters of CQB-F series magnetic pump comply with TB/T7742-95 "Small magnetic force Transmission centrifugal pump "standard requirements.

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