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AKHK Series - Side Channel Pumps

AKHK Series - Side Channel Pumps

Segmental type, horizontal side channel pumps, self-priming and
handling gases during normal liquid duty, operating with
unshrouded vane wheel impellers. Contrary to the customary
models, these pumps offer, due to constructional and productional
devices, the same characteristic data for a variety of material


Capacity: max. 35 m³/h
Head:  max. 144 m
Speed:  max. 1800 rpm
Temperature:  max. 120 °C
Casing pressure:  PN 16
Shaft sealing:  stuffing box or stand. mechanical seal
Flange connection size: DIN 2501 PN 16
Direction of rotation: clockwise when looking at the pump from the drive end

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